The Skiline shop is closed for now - Please use the App

Our Shop is currently closed

Our web shop is currently closed - just like a real store, we are rebuilding a few things. You just wanted to buy socks or a shirt? No problem, get the Skiline app from the app store, you will be able to buy your Skiline clothes there soon! The webshop will be back up and running soon too, then you will be able to shop here as normal and also be able to buy ski tickets. Stay tuned!

Of course, you can view your orders in your user profile, but you cannot place new orders.

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With over 4 million Skiline users, we are the largest winter sports community in the world. Since 2009 we share the love of winter sports with our community. In a winter season over 4 million skiline photos and videos were taken and shared with friends and family.

With our Skiline fashion, consisting of different slogans and motives and made of certified organic and skin-friendly materials, you can show the world your love for skiing, the mountains and winter sports.

The comfortable T-shirts is the perfect base under your ski clothing. The cuddly hoodies keeps you warm even on the coldest ski days - bad weather does not exist.